Monday, April 4, 2011

Famous Brace Face of the Month (x 2 b/c I forgot to do it last month)

I forgot to add a famous brace face for the month of March so we'll do two for the month of April, beginning with the absolutely stunning

Cindy Crawford
That's right, the gorgeous supermodel once had braces! She even posed for a pepsi ad with her beautiful brace face!

and here she is with her perfect smile (below)

Our next brace face of the month is . . . 
 Tom Cruise
I have to say that Tom holds a special place in this little brace face's heart b/c he is the only celebrity that I was able to find who PROUDLY sported his metal mouth smile with complete confidence. He got his braces at age 39 for a cross bite/midline issue.

And here he is with that mega whatt smile...



  1. wow these are awesome!! thanks for sharing i didnt even know cindy had them! she has an absolutely gorgeous smile. lots of inspiration ;)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you like this post and it inspires you! i definitely find inspiration in seeing other adults who have had/have braces. It's especially motivating to see celebrities before/after photos!