Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spacers Repaired!

Yesterday, I stopped by my orthodontist's office to get the spacer that popped out replaced and to get the others checked b/c I am kind of a spazz like that. The visit was extremely fast. I think I spent more time finding parking than I did at the actual visit. I walked in and was the only non staff member there, they immediately had me sit in the patients chair and sent the same assistant woman that initially  put the spacers in over to me. I showed her the spacer that had popped out and she popped a rubber spacer in it's place (it was metal the first time around). Just like that! No elbow grease, no struggle, just popped it right in - no problem! Then I showed her another spacer that seemed loose to me and she quickly pulled it out (no pain or discomfort at all) and popped a new rubber spacer right in.

I honestly couldn't believe how easy the visit was. I thought it would hurt since my teeth had become sore, but it didn't hurt at all. The assistant definitely redeemed herself in my eyes and so I now lean on the good side of the fence.

Today (day 3 of having spacers in) my teeth are still sore. I haven't really been eating much. See my menu below;

- Gyro for lunch - VERY unsuccessful! I took a few small painful bites that took me like 20 minutes just to chew and get down. I ended up throwing more than 75% of the gyro away.
- Mashed Potatoes & Mac n' Cheese for dinner - Mashed potatoes were a great choice! Mac n/ cheese was soft enough but it still took some effort to chew. Not as easy as it sound for uber sore teeth.

- Coffee for breakfast
- Clam Chowder soup for lunch - or maybe I should say clam chowder broth and the potatoes found within. There was no way in hell I could masticate those chewy clams in the soup. At the end of the bowl I had  a pile of all the non liquids found within the soup.
- Dinner - Giant baked potato from BJ's. I basically ate the softest parts and left the skin. Didn't eat the whole thing b/c I got tired of the effort it took to eat it.

- Little appetite
- Lasagna for dinner and very soft brownie a la mode for dessert

Sometimes I feel "used' to the discomfort, while sometimes it feel like torture! All in all it's nothing I can't handle. . . just VERY annoying. I mean imagine how annoying it is when you get a tiny seed stuck in your tooth when you eat strawberries or sesame seeds or something! Now imagine liked 10 seeds stuck in 8 crevices! Not fun, right? I actually read that spacers are as thick as pennies so that would be a more accurate thing to imagine ; 4 pennies stuck between your back teeth. Blah!

All will be worth it though and I keep reminding myself of that.

I have wanted straight teeth for such a long time now! My crooked smile has seriously affected my self esteem to an extent and has maybe even held me back in some ways. It's time to quite letting it dictate my life. Time for me to get that crooked smile fixed and be the me that I've always been meant to be!

No pain, no gain!

and . . . if you want more info. on spacers here are some helpful links that I found that can explain spacers a whole lot better than I could...enjoy!

First: Here's what rubber spacers look like (NOT my teeth - two of mine are actually metal bars)

Helpful Links:

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