Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Modern Family & Adult Braces Laurie

I was watching Modern Family tonight and there was a scene between Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) & Cam (Eric Stonestreet) where Mitchell referred to "Laurie". . .

Cam: Boobs Laurie or Adult braces Laurie?
Mitchell: Great Shoes Laurie. 
Cam: Ohh...I love her!

It kind of makes me wonder... am I adult braces "Sally"?
 (*Disclaimer: Nope, my name's not really Sally)

When someone is trying to distinguish me from another "Sally" do they automatically use my adult braces as a reference?
What ?happens when I eventually get my braces off? Will I still be adult braces "Sally"? Forever bound to my brace face persona

I think it's pretty funny!

I bet people DO use my braces as a reference! Ha ha! I never even thought about it until now. 


  1. I love that show! You probably have your "thing" with most people already ;) You'll only be braces Sally to the new ones... I had never thought of this before either.

  2. That's true! I wonder what my "thing" is...hmmm.. .