Thursday, March 17, 2011

Post Extraction Pics & Follow Up Appointment Deets

7 of the 8 teeth teeth pulled. They had to crack two teeth (one lower impacted & not sure what the other one is) a bunch of little pieces (not all are pictured). I tried to fit them together to show the complete 8 teeth but they are literally like cracked in all sorts of weird places and I wouldn't even know where to begin. I think some of the tiny cracked pieces of tooth (not pictured) might be the roots of one of the wisdom teeth too.
Lower left side pre molar extraction site. Healing well. 

I couldn't get pics of my wisdom teeth extraction sites b/c they're so far back and my mouth is still sore and has stitches. 
I had a follow up appointment with my OS today.  He said he can see that the extraction sites are healing now, but there is still some nerve exposure so we packed the sockets just to make sure that horrendous pain didn't return! He removed the old gauze and replaced it with a paste packing that will absorb into my mouth so that I don't have to come back and get the dressing changed again. He also said that I don't have any signs of an infection, but since I didn't finish my antibiotics (because I was puking!) he prescribed an antibiotic mouth wash for me to use twice a day. He also gave me a little syringe like water pik thingy. Nice description, right? LOL He tol s me to squirt it in the sockets after I eat to get the food out. I used it twice already and now I know why some of you love your water pis so much! I seen one at target for only $35.00 so I think I am going to go and pick it up this weekend.

Can't wait to get back to 100%! I'm super relieved that I am finally making some progress! Yay! 

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