Monday, February 21, 2011

Famous Brace Face of the Month

Regular Jane's like us aren't the only ones who were born with crooked teeth! Some of our favorite celebrities have been known to rock the brace face look themselves! I've only had my braces for one week and there have been a few occasions when I have had to muster up my confidence to flash my pearly whites metal mouth at others. Maybe you can relate? And maybe seeing a famous brace face each month will help to boost confidence? If nothing else, it's fun to see celebs with braces. Enjoy our first Famous Brace Face of the month:

 Gwen Stefani, lead singer of No Doubt and solo artist, got her braces when she was 30 also! 

*And she still nabbed 'garbage' front man, Gavin Rossdale - braces and all!

Want more inspiration? Check out her gorgeous grill now!



  1. It's just a matter of how you carry it on. Metal braces do not always fall in a negative vibe for fashion. Some even brag of having braces (that they can afford it). But even so, it doesn't matter if you are one of those metal mouths. You can still rock the world like Gwen Stefani. Like what Pink says in her song "So what! I'm still a ROCKSTAR!"

    Nicholas Ludwig

  2. Gavin Rossdale wasn't "Garbage"front man... in fact Garbage doesn't even have a "front man" it has a "front lady" named Shirley Manson. Gavin Rossdale was the lead singer of Bush.