Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Funny Side of Braces

Although braces come with a laundry list of discomfort, they also come with some funny (OK maybe even embarrassing) issues too. I've had braces for a little over 6 weeks now and so far here are some things i've noticed and learned;

You randomly  make weird noises when you wear braces.
Sometimes, I'll just be sitting at work when I move my mouth or tongue a certain way just to swallow or something and I end up making loud ass weird noises! I even surprise myself! Sometimes it's a squeaky noise, sometimes a sucking or lip smacking noise. Either way it's so effing dorky that I kind of HAVE to laugh at myself. LOL

Waterpiks are NOT as easy to use as one might think.
At least not for those who tend not to read the directions, like me. My first experience with a waterpik was a few days ago and I ended up soaked! I had water all over my shirt, all the over the bathroom mirror, the sink, everywhere! I might as well have used a garden hose with the mess I made! Or maybe I should have just read the instructions. Must have been a funny sight seeing me walk out with water dripping down my chin and water spots all over my shirt.

Whistles & Lisps!
speech and pronunciation adjustments are unavoidable, but even then, whistles and lisps are going to slip out! Thuper! (Super) :D

Say it, Don't Spray it!
You might want to keep your distance when talking to people, especially at work b/c you never know when a wad of spit will come flying out of your mouth now!

Trying to look cute when you eat is no longer an option
Between food getting stuck in my extraction sockets, brackets, wires etc. I think I spend more time trying to make sure I don't have a 5 course meal stuck in my teeth than i do actually eating!

So those are just a few of my new dorky little quirks. I don't dwell on it, it's pretty funny if you think about it! Cheers !


  1. lolol! what a great post! So true about the braces!
    Also, the waterpik! My first experience was very similar, for some reason my brain didn't understand that when I took it out of my mouth, the water continues to spray out. I kept forgetting about the button on it. lol The good thing is, it does get easier and less messy.

  2. LOL Vero, right! I couldn't either. I wasn't expecting SUCH force from the waterpik either, it kind of scared me at first and I immediately opened my mouth wide and ricocheted the water from my teeth to the mirror. LOL