Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attack fo the Dental Floss!

So, I had my first issue with dental floss last night! I was going through my usual nightly routine brushing and flossing my teeth when somehow the floss tore and got all stringy in my mouth. I could see that if I just pulled the floss it would get tangled all over the place so I tried to gently slide it out to make sure I didn't get it caught, but sadly I was unsuccessful and ended up with floss twisted and tied around one of my brackets. The one with the hook thingy on it, of course! I was such a funny pathetic sight with string and slobber hanging out of my mouth as i tried to work it out. I ended up cutting some of it off, then brushing the hell out of my teeth with my electric toothbrush, using the small brush to get into the nooks. Finally it came out. So, moral of the story? Be wary of your dental floss or it will attack ya!

Here's a visual for you of which bracket it was stuck on (floss already removed in this photo)


  1. If people think flossing is hard, they'll think twice when they do it with their braces on. Thank goodness you got the tangled floss out, or else, it'll look pretty funny if you get out of the house. Also, good luck with your new braces!

  2. Thanks Aurea! Yes, flossing with braces is quite the task! :D

  3. Haha, indeed, Aurea. Flossing is a hard habit and it gets harder when bits of floss start getting stuck on braces. Of course, like the discomfort of braces, it's best to just go with it. Good luck with those new braces and with your flossing!

    -Diana Dickert