Friday, March 18, 2011

Will this EVER end?

Woke up this morning with a bunch of junk on my tongue. Super gross! I wasn't sure if a blood clot had fallen out or what so I went to the bathroom mirror to check it out. It was basially all the packing that the OS had placed in my lower left socket. The stuff that's supposed to dissolve slowly. It all seemed to come out at once and as the morning progressed so did the pain. It went from uncomfortable to hurting a little to hurting a little more to full blown pain by 1:00PM. I really didn't want to go back to the OS' office. Yesterday he commented that it would be my last appointment with him and he mentioned that three times! I didn't want to be a pain in the ass, but the pain was getting worse and I couldn't bear the thought of going what I went through earlier this week again so I called the doc. He was really nice on the phone, but was kind of discouraging me from coming in. In the end I got him to agree that it would be better to be safe and go in before the weekend starts than to be in excruciating pain again. My OS is a new partner at a clinic where the other OS has been for YEARS (25+). My husband thinks he just doesn't want to look bad in front of that other OS b/c I keep coming in. Who knows! Either way, I had to go.

He irrigated both of the sockets with water first. It hurt both sockets a little and now the right side was beginning to hurt too. He went on to repack the left side, but not the right. When I asked him about it he said that since the right side had not been hurting me it didn't need to be packed again. When I told him it did hurt, he said it was only because of the irrigation and that the pain would wear off soon. I should have just insisted that he pack both sides because here I am 3 hours later and the left side is feeling fine but the right side is getting more and more painful. Ugh!

I stopped at the mall on the way home from the office and bought some oil of clove to take home. That's the stuff they were putting on the guaze and putty to pack my sockets. I figure if he can't manage my pain, then maybe I can? I looked it up and people do this, so I think it's safe.

I'm so praying that this seemingly neverending torture ends soon!

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