Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The straggler is finally on board!

I had my appointment today and my teeth finally separated enough to allow my ortho to archwire that straggling back tooth that I hate so much! Finally! That tooth has bothered me for years! When I first got braces I was a little bummed that that tooth couldn't be wired yet, although I completely understood why. My teeth were so crowded that it was impossible to wire that tooth with the rest. But alas it is finally on board and if my lower teeth move anything like my upper teeth did then I think I'll be seeing results pretty soon! I'm excited! I couldn't imagine going my whole life never knowing what I'd look like with straight teeth and a proud smile. My crooked teeth have caused me so much grief- getting teased, shy smiles, hiding laughs! Now my crooked smile is slowly fading away.
Back to my appointment . . .
  • Now ALL of my front teeth have brackets and are archwired, even the straggler.
  • Orthodontist said the spaces where I had teeth extracted from are closing and healing nicely and better than a lot of other patients he's seen.
  • Said my bite looks good
  • The assistant kinda sucked and had to stop a few times in the middle of changing my wire to ask the orthodontist questions. She even asked me a question & I had to answer "I dont know" b/c hello she's supposed to be the one who knows what to do! I'm so close to requesting that I work only with the actual orthodontist.
  • The bracket they glued to my back tooth to replace the one that broke off earlier this month, broke immediately after they set it. It woudln't stay put so they put spacers in and I have to go back next week to get a band.
  • My teeth are soooooooorrrrrrreeeeee!!! I figure the more I feel, the more it's working - no pain no gain, but MAN! Sore!


  1. Yay! I'm ready for my stragglers to get wired one of these days too, hopefully soon. Your teeth are looking great!

  2. Thanks! Once your stragglers are all wired, you'll be amazed at how fast you see results!