Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Freaking Myself Out Pre- Oral Surgery Consultation

I will be heading to my consultation with the oral surgeon in about 40 minutes and I really should wait to see what he says, but instead I am googling information on teeth extractions & freaking myself out about it. If you haven't read about my teeth extraction recommendations, click here: Extractions

I KNOW that in order to move forward with my treatment, I NEED to have these teeth removed but I am afraid of so many things associated with it;
  • What if the pain is more than I can handle?
  • What if I get sick from the medicine?
  • What if they can't stop my bleeding? (I've had issues with this twice 1- tonsils 2- baby stuff)
  • What if I swell really bad and my brackets cut into my lips/cheeks?
  • What if I throw up and choke on it b/c my mouth will be too sore to open?
  • What if I choke, in general since my mouth will be sore -swollen?
  • What if (God forbid) I get a dry socket?
Waah!!! Is it too late to change my mind?

Guess we'll see what the oral surgeon says and go from there . . . I'll keep you posted!

Okay, I went to my consultation. Got there, filled out a few forms then went into an office where a cheesy but fairly informative video about wisdom teeth extraction was played for me. After the video, the doctor came in to see me. I don't know if you remember, but in my Extraction talk post I mentioned that I didn't know which oral surgeon to go with. I ended up requesting the one who had less degrees, but lots of great reviews.You might also remember that both oral surgeons were within the same office/practice. So although I noted that I'd like to see the great review doc, I ended up with the other one. Ha! I basically stressed off making that decision over nothing b/c they stuck me with whoever was available when I arrived anyway! Oh well. My oral surgeon, Dr. T, is young - only 36. He went over the surgery with me and was honest but not brutal. the appointment should take between 45-60 minutes to remove all 8 teeth. I'll have IV sedation and won't remember a thing! He'll be prescribing liquid codeine for the pain afterward because I have trouble swallowing pills as it is so I KNOW I won't be able to swallow the horse pills (vicodin) he was going to prescribe. I really hope the codeine works as well as the vicodin. He's also prescribing an antibiotic as a precaution. And because I was concerned that I might get sick and throw up after having meds pumped through my veins for an hour, he is going to add something to my IV to help prevent that from occurring. He told me that I'll be sore after the surgery, but I shouldn't feel pain as long as I keep taking my meds on time and don't let them wear off - so that's the plan.My appointment is scheduled for march 10th. Ahhh!


  1. Hey there!!
    I had 4 extractions of the premolars, and I can tell you this much. It was a great experience! I know I sound like a crazy person saying this, but extractions are the easiest thing, you feel nothing because of the drugs and its really not bad at all. I was so scared before I had my extractions and right after i was soooo happy, maybe it was the drugs. I have to say there wasnt one negative thing i could say about it. I also know many people who have had wisdom teeth out, and they all felt nothing, it went great every time! Just so you know, the surgeon who pulled my teeth was also young and he still did a great job. Best of luck!!
    The only negative thing about the whole experience, is that pulling the premolars had worsened my bite and now almost 10 years later i am getting jaw surgery and braces to correct a jaw that has grown all wack. My case is a weird one and has many factors outside of the extractions

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for the comment! As you can see, I'm freaking myself out over this, but your comment helps immensely! I've told some people about my upcoming procedure and seems like EVERYONE has some wisdom teeth HORROR story to tell! It's refreshing to hear that someone has actually had a decent, even good experience with it. I also called my orthodontist and he reminded me why I'm doing it. I just need to "man up", LOL
    I'm sorry it created more complications for you. I hope everything goes really well in your treatment!

  3. I'm pretty excited that i've found an amazing orthodontist now, so it looks like some day in the future I will have a pretty good bite. Oddly enough another friend of mine just had his wisdom teeth out yesterday, and I was talking to him on msn last night, he was doing great! Didn't have anything negative to say about the experience either. I used to be scared about the wisdom teeth too, i was suppose to have them out years ago but put it off as they were still coming in. Now I'm not worried after hearing so many peoples experiences and learning that its not that bad. I i said i had 4 extractions in the past that were also a breeze, so I wouldn't stress it. If anything, the drugs will make you very happy and you won't even care whats going on. goodluck!

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